ANT Plant featured prominently in a respected publication in the LED field: 

”A Manufacturing Revolution for the LED Lighting Industry” 

The ANT Plant Microfactory concept was featured prominently in the May edition of LED professional Review, a respected publication in the field of LED. The article focuses on the microfactory concept, shedding some light on which factors promote the return of local production close to the consumers and how the factory based on automation and robotics actually works. Automation ensures the uncompromising quality of LED products, and the overall service included in the concept in turn ensures ease of logistics and the operation of the delivery chain. The Microfactory is not simply a mere production facility, but a comprehensive service concept. Read the article fresh off the printer and find out more about the factors that contribute to the flexibility, customizability and profitability of the ANT Plant Microfactory.

Download the article: “A manufacturing Revolution for the LED Lighting Industry” (pdf)

Read the publication: LED professional Review May/June 2018, Issue 67 



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