08.11.2016 NEW ERA of LED Lightning Manufacturing


NEW ERA of LED Lightning Manufacturing, ANT Plant

EID Tech Oy introduces new manufacturing concept that will disrupt industrial automation as we know it.

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ANT Plant Press Release - 8 November 2016



Manufacturing a new era in lighting.


Finnish Company EID Tech Launches Robotic ANT Plant Microfactory

EID Tech Ltd, known as Scandinavian experts in automated robotics solutions, recently unveiled a fully automated microfactory in their hometown of Kuopio, Finland. And with it they have introduced an idea that will disrupt industrial automation as we know it.

What makes ANT Plant remarkable is not simply that it employs cutting - edge technologies like a robotic assembly line. Instead, it is the microfactory concept itself that is innovative.

Today, most companies turn to low - cost overseas manufacturers to produce goods. But ANT Plant offers companies an appealing, cost - e ffective alternative to traditional manufacturing, and one that can be built in your own backyard.

Each ANT Plant microfactory is fully scalable, and is monitored remotely by EID Tech for data tracking, analysis, and preventive maintenance, and supported by a centralized regional parts hub to keep production levels running smoothly.

An ANT Plant microfactory is located where your products are needed, allowing companies to save on energy and distribution costs and greatly reduce the time it takes to deliv er goods to market. Because ANT Plant only manufactures your products when they are actually needed, companies can optimize their supply chain and better align supply with demand. This helps companies reduce their working capital and avoid excessive invent ory that may or may not be sold.

ANT Plant also occupies less space so companies will save on operational costs and reduce waste. This is great for any organization looking to lower their carbon footprint and enhance their brand - building efforts. Most co mpanies are thrilled at the prospect of bringing their manufacturing closer to home, especially if it can save them time and money. But what about those companies and CEOs who might think that such an undertaking will only bring unforeseeable expenses or b e outside of their capabilities? Jari Helminen, EID Tech’s CEO, explains that, “With ANT Plant, you don’t have to be an automation specialist to produce competitively priced, high - end products locally. You only need to focus on your own business developmen t, on the things that you do best. ANT Plant handles the rest.” Jari adds, “ANT Plant is a full - service concept that includes everything from the automated assembly line to quality testing to packaging. ANT Plant is an actual factory, yes, but companies sh ould think of it as a service, similar to other services that a company might contract.”

EID Tech monitors and supports all ANT Plant production processes remotely, guaranteeing that the microfactory performs at full capacity. In Finland, ANT Plant is al ready proving to be the newest and brightest way to manufacture LED lighting. Currently producing 1M LED tubes per annum, ANT Plant has shown that it can deliver high - quality products to market faster, and provide high - production success and competitive pr ofit margins at the same time. ANT Plant will expand its LED production line to include both LED bulbs and LED down lights that will be introduced in the first quarter of 2017. This particular type of ANT Plant has the capacity to produce 4M LED bulbs or 1 M down lights per annum.

Founded in 2009, EID Tech is a customer - oriented company that designs and sells automation and robotics solutions for small - and large - scale applications. EID Tech takes pride in working together with their clients to find the bes t and most cost - effective solutions to any automation challenges that they may face. EID Tech’s professionals each have over a decade of experience implementing automated systems for a variety of clients; clients that can attest that EID Tech – EID being a n acronym for Everything Is Doable – lives up to its name each day. Learn more about ANT Plant at antplant.fi.


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