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EID Tech is a manufacturer of industrial automation solutions. Our advanced automation solutions are combined with lifecycle services, that provide customers with the expertise, technology and processes that can help you to operate your manufacturing plant economically and consistently. Our expertise in automation and robotics allows companies to improve their operational efficiency and competitiveness. Our latest industrial innovation, the ANT Plant microfactory concept, has made the mass production of goods at local production plants possible, producing the highest quality products and enabling new profitable business models.


Our mission is to challenge the manufacturing of mass products in low labor cost countries and bring manufacturing back home. ANT Plant is a fully automated manufacturing solution for companies in the electronics industry who wish to sell locally-produced high-quality products.


Our vision is to be the best in industry microfactory partner, that leading international companies trust with the manufacturing processes and maintenance of their electronics equipment.


We have a world-class skills and experience in industrial automation, robotics, machine vision, laser marking, industrial Internet, lifecycle services. When you need an expert in these sectors, please give us a call. We make things possible.

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